Region and Framework of Cooperation

The area of the joint action lies in the wider area of the Aegean and the Black Sea. This region is characterised by great density and diversity of cultural heritage. The need is not only to preserve sympathetically this unique legacy in a coherent, coordinated way, but to do so in a way that will bring direct economic and social benefits to current and future generations.

The cross-border tourism products that will be produced will be disseminated to the local communities, and will constitute the beginning of a new effort to disseminate accurate and true information to on site and web visitors of the city-ports.

The Aim

The aim of the project is to contribute to the development of cultural tourism in the wider region of the Black Sea. Using the experience of the institution of “European Capital of Culture”, the project aims to establish a new institution, the “Cultural Port of the Black Sea”. This institution will be developed in order to establish an institutionalized and permanent cooperation between the city-ports, to develop a cultural-tourist-economic-social network, to improve the management capacity on local level and to promote and support the Small and Medium Enterprises that are involved in the tourism and cultural sector.

The Objectives

  • the organization, promotion and pilot operation of the institution of  “Cultural Ports of the Black Sea” that with the “vehicle” of cultural tourism will be developed for:
  • the institutionalized cooperation of cities – ports in permanent base
  • the development of a cultural – tourism – economical – social network through innovative methodology
  • the improvement of administrative capacity at local level
  • the establishment of a network which starting from the promotion of cultural resources of the city – ports will create the conditions for promotion and support of Small and Medium Enterprises that are active in tourism and traditional

City-Ports are interact each other with their cultural and historical diversities. 

Istanbul is one of the most important port to give direction to history as a cultural and historical accumulation .

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