Limen Project

İstanbul University Division of Conservation of Marine Archaeological Objects and Koç University Department of Archaeology and History of Art are representing Turkey in Limen Project with participation of several museums, institutes and local governments from Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Georgia.

Cultural Ports of the Black Sea

The “LIMEN” project proposes the pilot implementation of the Institution of the “Cultural Port of the Black Sea” and aims to give to all stakeholders and participants the possibility of supporting a new institution, which will contribute dynamically in the relationship of friendship and collaboration and in the development efforts of the area.

Our Common Culture: Ports

The area of the joint action lies in the wider area of the Aegean and the Black Sea. This region is characterised by great density and diversity of cultural heritage. The need is not only to preserve sympathetically this unique legacy in a coherent, coordinated way, but to do so in a way that will bring direct economic and social benefits to current and future generations. The aim of the project is to contribute to the development of cultural tourism in the wider region of the Black Sea.

Cultural Routes

The Küçükyalı ArkeoPark Project wishes to demonstrate how cultural heritage may be integrated into daily city life. By conducting archaeological excavation and field research in the area, this project contributes to the conservation of cultural heritage and opens up an additional field for visitors.


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